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Welcome to the Goodarzi Lab, where we are fully committed to facilitating scientific training, conducting rigorous research, and fostering a culture of innovative discoveries as a unified team. Our primary focus is on building an inclusive and supportive community that nurtures your scientific development and empowers you to reach your aspirations.

Personally, I strongly believe in the following principles:

  1. Equal Opportunity for Learning: I firmly hold that everyone should have the chance to learn and grow.
  2. Science with Inclusivity: In our lab, science is an inclusive endeavor that embraces diverse perspectives and backgrounds.
  3. Core Values of Scientific Advancement: Our pursuit revolves around achieving rigorous, reproducible, and accessible discoveries that drive scientific progress.

To achieve these ideals, my foremost objective is to create an inclusive environment that fosters creativity, encourages continuous learning, and promotes personal and professional growth for scientists at every stage of their training. Furthermore, I recognize my privilege and am committed to supporting scientists from historically marginalized groups in their pursuit of successful careers.